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Who Have We
Worked With?

Public Enemy

Professor Griff


Bleach Lab

Band 3000 Alpha

Bleach The Ripper

Chris Rivers / Jarren Benton

David Correy - X Factor

Ronster BGR - UK

Taya Sophie - UK

Lauren Mason - UK

Laurell Eden - LA

Equicez - Norway

Big Dave - KP Records - Australia

Nature - Queensbridge

King Malachi - ATL

Mary Emm Edwards/Queen Of AfroPop - ATL



Co-Winner of the 2017

Peachtree Village Film Festival Scoring Competition

Burning Sands (Netflix)

Short Film 'Triste'

(Written & Produced by Carla Saunders - ATL)

Global Cycling Network - Top 14 Tour Buses

custom music production

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