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Who Have We
Worked With?

Public Enemy

Professor Griff


Bleach Lab

Band 3000 Alpha

Bleach The Ripper

Chris Rivers / Jarren Benton

David Correy - X Factor

Moka Only - Canada

Ronster BGR - UK

Taya Sophie - UK

Lauren Mason - UK

Laurell Eden - LA

Equicez - Norway

Big Dave - KP Records - Australia

Nature - Queensbridge

King Malachi - ATL

Mary Emm Edwards/Queen Of AfroPop - ATL


Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting

(Music & Graphics)


National Grants Management Association

(Sound Design & Graphics)

Salt N The Wound Podcast

(Theme Music)

X: Why, Z? Podcast

(Theme Music)


Co-Winner of the 2017

Peachtree Village Film Festival Scoring Competition

Burning Sands (Netflix) 2017

(2017 Sundance Film Festival

Grand Jury Prize Winner

3X Black Reel Nominee)

Short Film 'Triste' 2014

(Written & Produced by Carla Saunders - ATL)

Short Film - 'No Reason' 2022

(Written & Produced by Carla Saunders - ATL)

Global Cycling Network

Top 14 Tour Buses

custom music production

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